Handheld Wireless Remotes
The TPMC-3X & MTX-3 Handheld Wireless Touch Panel from Crestron® delivers an exceptional remote control for home theater, home automation, and AV presentation, marrying style and ergonomics with rock-solid wireless performance and extensive customizability. Its sleek form factor is easy to hold, with large tactile pushbuttons, electroluminescent backlighting, and a fully customizable color touch screen for a wireless control solution that's both intuitive and fun to use.
Wireless Touch Panels
Mobile devices provide complete freedom and control through any home, office or building. There's no need to be tethered to a chair, conference table, podium or even a single room. Roam as you want and stay in control of all AV, lights, shades, thermostats and more. There are several models to choose from, including a 6' 2-way RF touch screen that also connects via Ethernet to display full motion video, and an 8' WiFi touch screen that features a built-in Web browser, PC applications and biometric fingerprint reader.
Mobile Control
Crestron Mobile Pro® G transforms your iPad or Android device into a virtual Crestron touch panel. Turn on your favorite tune or set the perfect mood lighting, all from the stunning screen of the iPad. On the go? Take the iPad with you and control your home's climate and security anywhere using 3G or Wii.

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Touch Panel & Interfaces

In Wall Color Touch Panels
   Replace the litany of light switches and dimmers, fan control, thermostats, volume knobs, intercoms and alarm keypads with a sleek, modern Crestron touch screen. Mounted on the wall, simply walk through the door and tap the screen to wake up the room. Crestron touch screens consolidate control of all devices, systems and technology in one simple graphic interface. There are small touch screens for foyers, lobbies, bathrooms and corridors. Larger touch screens are ideal for family rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums, and can also serve as flat panel video displays. 
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